The Hottest Trends of Summer 17


Here are the summers Hottest trends


tassel and ball earrings

They made their debut in 2016 and have taken center stage in 2017. I like these from made in brooklyn designer @hostlandlee

ruffles and more cold shoulders

Shoulders were cold last summer, but the 2017 spin is in dress form and extra ruffly.  

Best selling colors in this style? White, denim and banker stripes. 

Pictured is the Selina Dress by #madeinyc designer @juliebrown

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 1.43.00 PM.png

basket purse + pom poms

Channel your inner Hampton's chick. . Great for the beach or everyday use.

I adore this one from @jadetribe

leaf print

Rachel and Pheobe rocked it for Moncia's wedding in 2001, fast forward 16 years later and leaf print is having a BIG MOMENT. From wallpaper, cell phone cases, trending house plants and now on your dresses, banana leaf and fiddle leaf ferns are the plant of the season!

Dress on the right is a sold-out look from manhattan designer @shosanna

ripped and fringed jeans

For Designers, Summer 17 was about playing with the hemline on denim. Try a style that's fringed or distressed at the ankle.  Pictured @elleking in made in USA brand @justblack