Cleaning out the Closet

It's time to have a conversation with your clothing, shoes and accessories. We are all guilty of keeping things too long but let's discuss the main offenders, shall we?

Hold each piece of your closet close to your chest and ask yourself if...

1) All four seasons have come and gone-TWICE- without you even thinking of putting it on. (Yeah? Then it's time to say goodbye.)

2) You don’t picture yourself giving this item to your daughter/son one day and it's still stuffed in the back of the closet.

3) You don't see yourself using it down the road for a costume piece (i.e. a fabulous beaded dress, a hat, an outta sight 1970’s jumper). This applies to those wacky thrift store finds you just had to have. (I have a few!) Some of them are worth saving...but most need to go. 

4) ...If it has never fit properly. Chances are it never will. And if it ever does, you'll likely not want it so badly any more. (Trust me on this one.) When you put something on, you know instantly if it makes you feel great. If you're questioning, snap a photo, wait a few days, and take a second look. Or snap a selfie from the fitting room and enlist an honest friend.

5)Give away the jeans you've been waiting squeeze into for the last three years. Get rid of the ill fitting jeans that you got at such a great price that you're feeling guilty about letting 'em go. Find a pair that makes you look great TODAY and not someday. (Some of the best advice I've ever gotten is that "Someday" is not a day of the week. Truth.)

6) Stained or damaged items? Wine stains don't get better over time. Let. It. Go.

So, Rox...What to do with the clothing I don’t want? 

Try Poshmark. A fantastic app that helps you sell used clothing.

Try your luck at Beacon's Closet if you live in NYC.

Donate! Drop it off at a near by Housing Works or Salvation Army.

Have professional clothing to donate? I like Dress for Success. 

Put the winter clothes elsewhere.

Make the switch and showcase seasonal items (here in NYC, that means spring/summer) in your closet so you see them. If you see the items in plan view you are more likely to actually wear them.

Place thick and heavy winter clothing in space bags! 

Try something new.

Place your jewelry on display. You are more likely to accessorize if you have different options in front of you. Creative ideas here.

Two words. Huggable huggers. They're affordable and they save so much space. Get them here.

Color Coordinate

Color coordinating your closet is a FANTASTIC way to really see what you have! Create a “shop”-like feel when you open the closet!

Eliminate frantic searching for “that one white blouse.”

See where your wardrobe is lacking and what your shopping patterns are. Do you have SEVEN similar black tops but only really wear two? Do you look great in green but only own ONE green "fancy" dress? Take note of what you feel you're missing or what you have way too much of.

Seeing all your options clearly can make styling a little more fun! You’ll be amazed at what you find after a little spring cleaning.

Turn up the tunes. Pour yourself some wine. Get to it and have fun!


(Psssst. Watch out for my next post on key pieces to purchase to improve your wardrobe!)